Bài tập ôn tập học kỳ 1 môn tiếng anh lớp 9  (Bấm vào liên kết phía dưới để tải xuống)

Đây là Bài tập ôn tập học kỳ 1 môn tiếng anh lớp 9.
REVISION FOR THE SEMESTER TEST I Exercise 1. Choose the word that has the different underlined part.
1. A. dump B. nuclear C. junk-yard D. ultimate
2. A. required B. bathed  C. looked D. viewed
3. A. appliance B. minimize C. opinion D. provide
4. A. category B. saving C. trash D. standard
5. A. suggest B. chopstick C. treasure D. pesticide
6. A. scenery B. energy  C. forest D. access
7. A. described B. pretended  C. realized D. scanned
8. A. notice B. storage C. enclose D. roller
9. A. occasion B. mission C. generation D. intention
Exercise 2. Choose the best answer.
1. The Ao dai is the _____ dress of Vietnamese women.
A. casual B. religional C. international D. national
2. That kind of microorganism was named _____ the scientist finding them out.
A. by B. after C. on D. of
3. She’s taught here since she _____ from university.
A. graduates B. graduated C. was graduated D. would graduate
4. There is a big banyan tree at the _____ the village.
A. mountain of B. river bank in C. shrine at D. entrance to
5. No one has _____ forgotten the terrible earthquake in 1909.
A. ever B. never C. already D. yet
6. I think it’s necessary for students _____ uniform at school.
A. wear B. will wear C. to wear D. should wear
7. You should not go to that meeting _____ an invitation.
A. unless B. without C. except D. instead of
8. Your children never go out in the evening, ______?
A. do they B. don’t they C. doesn’t he D. does he
9. We have many well - ______ teachers.
A. qualify B. quality C. qualified D. qualification
10. If you are not a teacher, please ______ around this area.
A. not go B. don’t go C. won’t go D. can’t go
11. We often go to the mosque to pray because our religion is ______.
A. Islam B. Buddhism C. Hinduism D. Taoism
12. We have some ______ students for the program.
A. exchange B. exchanged C. exchanging D. change
13. The weather is nice. Shall we ______ the mountains this morning?
A. go B. travel C. jump D. climb
14. He is considered to be one of the greatest ______ of the country.
A. heroes B. heroins C. heroines D. heroics
15. What ______ of learing English do you find most difficult?
A. aspects B. sizes C. situations D. things
16. I can complete a ______ English test if it’s necessary.
A. speak B. speaking C. spoken D. spoke
17. I find it very ______ to stay at home by myself in the evening.
A. frighten B. frightening C. frightened D. frightenal
18. A photocopier is a machine which is used ______ copies of documents.
A. make B. making C. to make D. to be made
19. By the time I ______ at the airport, my family will have waited for me there.
A. arrive B. am arriving C. will arrive D. have arrived
20. The Ao Dai consists of a ______ that is slit on the sides and worn over loose pants.
A. long tunic silk B. tunic long silk C. long silk tunic D. silk long tunic
21. Sorry we can’t afford ______ you to a reputable high school.
A. send B. to send C. sending D. sent
22. Malaysia is divided ______ two parts by the sea.
A. with B. about C. into D. from
23. Mr. Parker had about eleven jobs ______ various times of his life.
A. at B. in C. on D. of
24. The English can’t drive on the left, ______?
A. does he B. can he C. do they D. can they
25. The weather is not fine, so I can’t go out. If only it ______ fine!
A. was B. were C. would be D. had been
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