Đề HSG môn tiếng anh  (Bấm vào liên kết phía dưới để tải xuống)

Đề HSG môn tiếng anh gồm 5 phần: LISTENING, PHONETICS, LEXICO - GRAMMAR, READING, WRITING. Đề thi gồm 8 trang, mời các bạn tham khảo nhé.

I. Listen and fill in the missing information. (10 points)


- club started in 1957
- prize recently won by youth section
- usually performs (1) ____________ plays

- next auditions will be on Tuesday, (2) ____________
- help is needed with publicity and lights
- rehearsals take place in the (3) ____________ hall
- nearest car park for rehearsals in Ashburton Road opposite the sports centre

- annual membership fee is £ 180
- extra payment for (4) ____________

- secretary’s name is Sarah Sawdicott
- secretary’s phone number is (5) ____________
Write your answers here:

1. _______________________________________

2. _______________________________________

3. _______________________________________

4. _______________________________________

5. _______________________________________

II. Listen and choose the best answer. You will hear a news reporter called Angela Bond, talking on the radio about her job. (10 points)

1. Where has Angela just returned from?
A. Britain B. the USA C. Asia
2. One thing Angela dislikes about her job is that she ____________ .
A. loves being in dangerous situations
B. never knows where she'll go next
C. enjoys watching important events happen
3. What did Angela bring home from Hong Kong?
A. pictures B. carpets C. furniture
4. Where did Angela meet her boyfriend?
A. at her sister's house B. at university C. in Thailand
5. What does Angela do to relax?
A. She cooks a meal B. She goes sailing C. She goes shopping
Write your answers here:
1 __________ 2___________ 3___________ 4 ___________ 5___________
III. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Write your answers in the space provided. (6 points)
1. A. dome B. tomb C. home D. comb
2. A. rustle B. whistle C. subtle D. castle
3. A. cussed B. ragged C. crooked D. docked
Write your answers here:
1 __________ 2__________ 3__________
IV. Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the other three of the group. Write your answers in the space provided. (4 points)
1. A. survive B. consent C. access D. appear
2. A. interactive B. economy C. communicate D. particular
Write your answers here:
1 __________ 2__________

V. Choose the correct answer to complete each of the following sentences. THERE CAN BE MORE THAN ONE CORRECT ANSWER TO SOME QUESTIONS. Write your answers in the space provided. (70 points)
1. It isn’t the funniest film I’ve ever seen. I would say it’s ___________ amusing at best.
A. softly B. mildly C. modestly D. barely
2. When Rita was promoted to sales manager, she was ___________.
A. over the hill B. up in the clouds
C. over the moon D. in the seventh moon
3. My neighbor informed ___________ a large crack running down the outside wall of my house. It had apparently appeared during the night.
A. me that there was B. to me that there was
C. me on there being D. to me of there being
4. The meeting ___________ place in the main hall, but it had to be cancelled.
A. will have taken B. would take
C. was to take D. is due to take
5. There are two supermarkets in the town but ___________ of them sells fresh fish.
A. none B. neither C. no one D. either
6. - “My mother is very good at cooking.” - “___________”
A. She must be very proud of it. B. How long has she been cooking?
C. Do you enjoy it? D. You must have good taste!
7. Finally, we had to ___________ to legal threats.
A. apply B. resort C. intend D. recur
8. ___________ the expression on his face, I’d say he wasn’t too pleased to see us. In fact, I’d say he was furious.
A. Judging by B. As for C. Provided with D. Seeing as
9. - Customer: “Could I have a refund?” - Salesperson: “___________”
A. No, thank you. B. Not at all.
C. No problem. Do you have the receipt? D. Never mind.

10. I bumped into Patrick at the supermarket. He was asking ___________ you.
A. by B. after C. on D. upon
11. Why don’t we have yoghurt? It’s ___________ as good as cream and much healthier, too.
A. each bit B. every part C. each part D. every bit
12. We would ___________ in Cardiff if we hadn’t found someone to buy our previous house.
A. still have lived B. still be living C. live still D. have lived still
13. He denied ___________ the glass window of our classroom.
A. breaking B. to break C. break D. having broken
14. When you reach the fork in the road, you can go ___________. They both lead to the village.
A. either way B. the two ways C. the both ways D. each way
15. It was ___________ pleasure to be working out of doors after five long years locked in a cell.
A. plain B. sheer C. pure D. simple
16. He returned home after a ___________ in New York.
A. weekly holiday B. week’s holiday C. weeks’ holiday D. holiday of a week 17. “ATM” stands for ___________ .
A. automatic talking machine B. automated teller machine
C. automation telling mate D. automobile teller mate
18. You must pay import ___________ on certain goods bought into this country.
A. fees B. surcharges C. supplement D. duties
19. He’s always ___________ the government, but then he never votes in the elections.
A. shooting off B. calling out C. running down D. calling off
20. A defeat in the second round marked the end of the ___________ for last year’s champion.
A. line B. avenue C. street D. road
21. We cannot jugde a person simply on the ___________ of his education.
A. condition B. basis C. principle D. theory
22. I doubt ___________ the company will make any profit at all this year.
A. when B. whether C. since D. so that
23. Of course I’ll play the piano at the party but I am a little ___________.
A. out of use B. out of reach C. out of turn D. out of practice
24. All these sweaters are extremely ___________ by the local residents of a small Scottish island.
A. well-knitted B. well-founded C. well-fashioned D. well-made
25. ___________ plants recycle carbon dioxide and create oxygen, which we need to breathe and ___________ most of our food comes from ___________ plants.
A. Ø/Ø/Ø B. The/Ø/ the C. Ø/ the /Ø D. Ø/ a/ the
26. The ___________ on the town - hall clock showed it was nearly midnight.
A. pointers B. hands C. fingers D. indicators
27. Despite all my anxiety, I ___________ for the job I wanted. I’m really going to work hard to justify their confidence.
A. was hired B. hired C. got hiring D. got hired
28. He wanted to know ___________ for a picnic the previous morning.
A. if we had been going B. that if we had been going
C. we were going D. that we were going
29. Of all athletes, Alex is ___________.
A. the less qualified B. the less and less qualified
C. the more qualified D. the least qualified
30. He offered to ___________ her a hand as the suitcase was too heavy for her to carry.
A. show B. lend C. help D. loan
31. Thanks to my friends' ___________ remarks, my essays have been improved.
A. constructive B. constructional C. constructor D. construct
32. The Olympic Games are given world - ___________ television coverage.
A. wide B. over C. global D. through
33. I’ve just been told some ___________ news.
A. astonishment B. astonishable C. astonishing D. astonished
34. Tom was the last student ___________ .
A. to be interviewed B. had been interviewed
C. to have interviewed D. to interview
35. By the time Peter’s daughter graduates from university, ___________ retired.
A. he B. he has C. he’ll being D. he will have
Write your answers here:
1 __________ 2__________ 3__________ 4 __________ 5 __________
6 __________ 7__________ 8__________ 9 __________ 10__________
11 __________ 12__________ 13__________ 14 __________ 15__________
16 __________ 17__________ 18__________ 19 __________ 20__________
21 __________ 22__________ 23__________ 24 __________ 25__________
26 __________ 27__________ 28__________ 29 __________ 30__________
31 __________ 32__________ 33__________ 34 __________ 35__________

VI. There is one mistake in each sentence. Identify the mistake and write your answer in the space provided. (10 points)
1. With his clear blue eyes and small softly hands, Jesse James impressed people as a kind person.
A. With B. softly C. as D. kind person
2. A balance between cheap production and high quality have been a major concern in the field of crafts.
A. between B. high C. have D. major concern
3. The Santa Fe Opera House is a modern, partly roofed open-air theater build into a mountainside five miles north of the city.
A. partly roofed B. build C. mountainside D. of
4. The new student’s progress advanced forward with such speed that all his teachers were amazed.
A. advanced forward B. that all
C. were amazed D. such
5. The better you are at English, more chance you have to get a job with international organizations.
A. better B. are at C. more chance D. get a job
Write your answers here:
1 __________ 2___________ 3___________ 4 ___________ 5___________

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